Friday, October 31, 2008

Autumn in The Valley

Where has the summer gone? Autumn leaves are falling, and what better than a rainy day with a fire burning in the fireplace to catch up on things. Here are some images from the most recent of many excursions over the last few months.

This past week I had the good fortune to watch the turning of the fall colors in Yosemite Valley while teaching a photography course for Elderhostel. When I drove in on Saturday the dogwood trees were bright red, maples yellow, and oaks gold.

Milkweed Eruption, Cooks Meadow

Smoky God Beams near Wawona

Sunrise, El Cap Meadow

Maple, Merced River Canyon

Trippy Autumn Reflection

Majestic Oaks

River Sunrise and color in El Cap Meadow.

The class went well and everyone was excited. As we broke after the final meeting, a great gust of wind blasted the Valley. In ten minutes the Autumn Glory was blown to pieces. Drifts of brightly colored leaves covered the ground, pine needles piled up on the road, and the first winter rain began to fall as I drove home. A perfect week.

Join me for a photo workshop in 2009! May in India, June at Lake Tahoe and October back in Yosemite! More dates announced shortly.