Thursday, August 27, 2009

Heaven and Earth

I enjoy a good glass of wine as much of as anyone else in wine country. Last year I photographed extensively for Red Car Wine in a few of their vineyards. After many months visiting the beautiful locations I still hadn't had even a sip of their fine wine. So in conversation with owner Carroll Kemp, and hoping to get my hands on a bottle or two, I inquired... "So how good is this wine?" He laughed and said, "The folks who do the ratings have been kind to us." Carroll later decided to start a new brand called
Heaven and Earth out of La Bohemé Vineyard, and used my photo on the label. I was quite honored! In July this year I heard that Heaven and Earth had been rated 97 out of 100 points by Wine Spectator; The highest grade ever given a California Pinot Noir. You can see a photo of the bottle on the cover (and inside) of the September 2009 issue of Wine Spectator Magazine, but good luck finding the wine. Only 292 cases were produced. I hear its pretty good and hope to get my hands on some...

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Monday, August 24, 2009

I was running late, driving too fast on a remote mountain road, and didn't have time to stop. Speeding around a corner, a new, strange sign caught my eye. "LOST BIRD." A couple corners later and I was still processing the scene. There wasn't a house in sight. I'm in the middle of a thick forest, and someone lost a bird? Gotta go back. I found a pullout and grabbed my camera.

"Takkun" the seven year old cockatiel was missing. I felt bad for the owner, yet wondered why they chose that spot to post the sign. I looked up and whistled toward the forest canopy. "Here there, pretty bird." Nothing.

Still intrigued, I later called the number on the sign.
"Hello, this is John."
"Uh, hi, I saw your sign... did you find the bird?"
"No, not yet. Its my daughter's bird. She's had it since she was seven. Its flown away a number of times but always came back. This time we're worried. He's so friendly we thought maybe someone would find him. "
"Do you live in the area?"
"Yeah, just up the hill."
Its getting a little awkward now, as I don't have a clue where his bird is and he doesn't get why I'm calling. I'm not sure either.
"Well, sorry to trouble you. Good luck."
"Thanks. Bye..."

So, if you find a cockatiel near St. Helena Road, there's a little girl who will be elated to see him again.