Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Car Wine Project

Since last autumn I’ve been photographing for Carroll Kemp and his company; Red Car Wine. He is based down in Santa Maria but has vineyards here in western Sonoma County. When I began photographing, the fall colors were in full swing. It was a rich image making environment and I enjoyed working on the crisp foggy mornings.

All too soon, winter set in and the boney young vines proved challenging subjects.
Pruning was a creative disaster. Bare stalks and wire just weren’t interesting, so like the vines I went dormant as well.

But soon enough, spring brought life to the land.
Buds burst forth and wildflowers erupted everywhere.

With the recent warm weather, the vines are now growing wildly and looking great. You can view more of the images on the "vineyards" pages at www.redcarwine.com.

© Jerry Dodrill Photography

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