Monday, August 24, 2009

I was running late, driving too fast on a remote mountain road, and didn't have time to stop. Speeding around a corner, a new, strange sign caught my eye. "LOST BIRD." A couple corners later and I was still processing the scene. There wasn't a house in sight. I'm in the middle of a thick forest, and someone lost a bird? Gotta go back. I found a pullout and grabbed my camera.

"Takkun" the seven year old cockatiel was missing. I felt bad for the owner, yet wondered why they chose that spot to post the sign. I looked up and whistled toward the forest canopy. "Here there, pretty bird." Nothing.

Still intrigued, I later called the number on the sign.
"Hello, this is John."
"Uh, hi, I saw your sign... did you find the bird?"
"No, not yet. Its my daughter's bird. She's had it since she was seven. Its flown away a number of times but always came back. This time we're worried. He's so friendly we thought maybe someone would find him. "
"Do you live in the area?"
"Yeah, just up the hill."
Its getting a little awkward now, as I don't have a clue where his bird is and he doesn't get why I'm calling. I'm not sure either.
"Well, sorry to trouble you. Good luck."
"Thanks. Bye..."

So, if you find a cockatiel near St. Helena Road, there's a little girl who will be elated to see him again.


Claire said...

Reminds me of when we were in Bandon, and the Puffins were high on the rocks...and you called "here Puffin, Puffin...!!!" I hope she finds her bird! ~Claire

Richard Wong said...

I hope that the bird owner is able to find his bird. That sucks. The awkwardness part is funny though and something I can relate to!

Benny said...

Still have that Dodrill humor, photos are great. Benny