Sunday, November 9, 2014

Homage to John Sexton

For day 2 of the #5dayblackandwhitechallenge I'm reaching back in the archives again to my early days of shooting exclusively black and white film. John Sexton, master print maker and assistant to Ansel Adams, was one of my early inspirations. A visit to his studio during a 1996 college field trip reinforced the need for a high attention to detail during the entirety of the photographic process. While there I obtained a copy of his book Quiet Light which had a stunning image of a Sierra corn lily on the cover. The next summer while backpacking with my sister I happened upon a patch of young lilies and spent some time exploring the same subject. While I'm no John Sexton, the image at the time was a study of shape and form in that beautiful flat, luminous light that occurs during quiet moments at the ends of the day.

Unfortunately, the negative which was most appealing had an artifact on it which could not be fixed in the wet darkroom, so it sat in the files for many years before being drum scanned and corrected by Bob Cornelis at Color Folio
Nomination for today goes out to Bob Cornelis, who has been making some incredible platinum prints in his studio. Looking forward to seeing what he shares!

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