Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yosemite Junction Hotel

My friends Gary Crabbe and Dean Fleming nominated me for the latest fad in social media, the #5dayblackandwhitechallenge. 
For Day 1, I'm going back in the archives to an early piece I shot in 1994 on Kodak T-Max 100 film. This is an architectural detail at the old Yosemite Junction Hotel that sat on the corner of 108 and 120. 

The hotel was in ruins for many years before being torn down. I drove by it many times during college as we blasted to and from the Valley on weekend climbing trips. At the time I was an art student at Pacific Union College, and it was during this period that I realised photography was the medium that best suited my lifestyle. This image was included in a body of work that I entered in a contest in 1996, where Galen Rowell, Ruth Burnhard, and others awarded it a second place finish. The work was exhibited in the Mumm Napa Valley winery with the judges and other winners. The exhibit resulted in an internship and ultimately a job with Mountain Light that was the foundation of my career. I only made a few darkroom prints of this image, but it is one that holds a special place in my personal collection. While much of my work focused on pristine natural environments, this was one of my first looks at how nature fights back to reclaim that which man has built. Today the lot where this hotel once stood is a pretty open field, and you'd never guess that it had been "developed".

The rules of the 5-day challenge state that I am to nominate another person each day to join the fun, so I'll start with my friend Grant Ordelheide because I know he will post some impressive work.

-Jerry Dodrill

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