Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Morning Ritual

For day 4 of the #fivedayblackandwhitechallenge we take a look back to May 30, 2013. After driving all night from Bishop to Moab, Utah, Grant Ordelheide and I pulled into Indian Creek and slept for a few hours in the dirt. We woke up in a primitive campsite occupied by our friends Rob McKay and Brad Parker who were on an epic climbing road trip across the West. While Rob brewed up a fresh cup of communal maté, Brad rolled out his yoga mat and performed his morning ritual. I should have used the time to stretch as well, but instead picked up the camera. 

Brad had been my subject many times before and wasn't shy of the lens. He happily tuned me out and, after a few pictures I turned my focus toward breakfast. This image of his powerful back, arms, and hands, roughened by many days of contact with stone, also emits an essence of his deeply spiritual connection with our planet. After Brad's tragic passing in August, I look at this image now with a very different, contemplative, and inspired set of emotions. It reminds of the mantra that has become widespread amongst our friends: Breathe deep, and B-Rad.

-Jerry Dodrill

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